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Five Steps for a French Kitchen Decor

Are you tired of the worn-out look of your kitchen? Would you enjoy creating an entirely new look in your space overnight, without spending a great deal doing so? With a few simple changes, you can create the French country kitchen of your dreams while staying within a budget. Grab your Bordeaux and get ready for an adventure in decorating.

The French country kitchen style originated with the regal court of the kings and queens in France. Certainly, the common people couldn't afford the trappings that the court had, but they could mimic the style. In the southern regions of France, the country French kitchen design is brightly colored, similar to a Van Gogh painting. Using these five suggestions, you should be able to create the French country kitchen decor easily and quickly.

  1. Start with Colors - Be bold when it comes to painting in a French country style. Consider painting the walls a butter or mustard yellow and using cornflower blue or salmon pink on the cupboards. You might decide to flip this idea, using blue for the walls and enjoying either white, pink or yellow cabinetry.
  2. Use Your Walls - As a compliment to the paint colors, and to accentuate the French feeling, hang pictures or paintings that mirror a French countryside. Purchase a Van Gogh print of sunflowers and hang this prominently in the kitchen. Find a French Impressionism painting or a street scene in Paris to adorn the walls.
  3. French Country Kitchen Hardware - Your hardware choices should reflect the rustic, country feel you are trying to capture. There are a number of ways to achieve this look. Amerock has a large line of cup pulls that are delightful to look at and that combine beautifully with white or light colored cabinetry. Enjoy wrought iron Amerock pulls for the French country look you are trying to achieve. Another idea is to use Amerock knobs. Find wrought iron knobs that are plain in design, or those that have country details with flowers and nature in their design. These subtle, and yet beautiful, selections will hint of old world charm while not overpowering the decor of the space.
  4. Enjoy Accessories - Much of the look of the French kitchen decor will come in the accessories. Hang dried lavender from a hook on the ceiling or on a wall, bringing the scent of the French countryside into your space. Find a large terra cotta or copper vase at a garage sale, and put it as the focal point on your counter top. Store spatulas and other cooking utensils here. Similarly, find open storage racks made of wrought iron or copper to display terra cotta serving bowls, plates and more. Find decorative plates with roosters, country scenes or herb designs and hang these on the walls for added effect.
  5. French Country Furniture - Finally, if the space permits in the kitchen, enjoy a cozy kitchen counter with wrought iron stools. Paint the table to match the hue of the cabinetry, or leave it in a state of natural wood. Place wrought iron stools around the table, or at an island in the kitchen, and invite guests to gather and enjoy.

With a small budget and a bit of creativity, you can create a French country kitchen decor. The easiest way to get started is to find a wall hanging or ceramic vase that you love, and to use this as a guide to the color scheme. Decorate with these colors in mind, and then place the picture or vase into the kitchen. Remember to consider your Amerock hardware choices, your paint colors, your accessories and your furniture as you work your way towards the lovely kitchen of your dreams!

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