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Metallic Mystery: How to Choose the Right Metal Amerock Hardware

Since Amerock Hardware provides so many different types of hardware for your home, from Amerock pulls, to Amerock knobs, handles, backplates, and appliance pulls, it's important to consider what type of metal works best for your needs and decor. Each metal has its own look and quality, and Amerock cabinet hardware is made in several different types of metal. Here's an easy guide to some of the benefits and unique properties of each one, as well as some design tips for your home.

  • Brass: Brass is a great metal for anyone looking for an antique, old-world feel. It has a muted yellow appearance, and looks similar to gold. You probably know it best for its use in musical instruments such as horns and bells. One little-known fact about brass is that the copper in it makes it germicidal, which means that brass Amerock cabinet knobs and brass Amerock handles will disinfect themselves of any bacteria within eight hours. This makes brass Amerock hardware a great option for homes with large families or children, where germs are easily spreadable. Brass also happens to be one of the strongest, most long-lasting materials. Brass Amerock cabinet knobs and pulls come in different finishes, as well: polished brass is that bright instrument tone, while antique an burnished brass Amerock hardware is darker, and more subtle.

  • Bronze: Bronze has a distinctly deep, dark look that can either hearken back to ancient cultures, or bring a modern, muted look to a home, depending on the surroundings. Bronze has always been a significant metal in most cultures, due to its strength and durability - it is even stronger than iron. This makes bronze Amerock hardware a good choice for anyone looking for highly durable knobs and handles. As for design, the dark tones of bronze Amerock handles make them look extremely sophisticated and classic, against any type of wood.

  • Chrome: Anyone who has seen a brand new shiny motorcycle drive by knows the look of chrome. Chrome (or chromium), is a silvery metal with a noticeable sheen that stands out in any environment. For this reason, chrome Amerock hardware adds a modern, sleek look to cabinets and appliances. Chrome Amerock knobs and pulls often come mixed with other metals for an even more dynamic look, such as a brass and chrome combination handle. Anyone looking to add some stand-out shine to their kitchen cabinets should definitely consider chrome Amerock cabinet hardware.

  • Stainless Steel: You are probably already quite familiar with stainless steel around your kitchen cookware, but stainless steel also makes for great cabinet and home hardware. Stainless steel Amerock hardware does not stain, corrode, or rust easily. This makes stainless steel Amerock knobs and pulls long-lasting, under all kinds of conditions and climates, especially around the kitchen and bathrooms, where moisture abounds. It also happens to have a gorgeous shine to it, as you'll recognize from the famous Chrysler Building in New York City whose pinnacle is entirely covered in stainless steel. Because of this luster, stainless steel Amerock hardware looks gorgeous in any room of the home, and it won't lose its signature shine over time.

  • Copper: Lighter than bronze, but darker than brass, copper has a great red-orange, peachy-gold tone that fits well against any color wood. Like bronze, copper is also an anti-germ surface, which makes copper Amerock hardware another great option for those who like to keep their homes as germ-free as possible. Copper Amerock handles and knobs come in different finishes as well, depending on the look you want to achieve. Weathered copper looks, well, weathered, while antique copper simply has a bit of a darker tone to it.

  • Nickel: Nickel is a silvery-white, corrosion-resistant metal, with a gorgeous high polish that is similar to chrome, but a bit more muted. Nickel Amerock hardware has a sleek, sophisticated, modern feel to it. It is also slow to react to air at normal temperatures, which is why it is often used in coins. This ensures that nickel Amerock pulls keep looking great for years to come.

These are only a selection of the different metals there are to choose from when picking the right Amerock hardware for your home. With so many choices (which you now understand), you'll definitely find something great to suit your needs!

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